December: A 4 Year Diamond

            What an honor it has been to be a part of such a heartfelt organization for the past four years. Not many people are able to truly build the strong relationships that I have built throughout their colligate careers. As I finish out my last semester being a Texas State Diamond Sweetheart, I can’t help but to think back on the many memories I have made. From date parties, banquets, study dates, movie nights, days by the pool and late nights, the friends I have made have built me into who I am today. Each semester brought new memories and new friends.

            As a freshman, you just want to find your place. I became a member of Diamond Sweethearts in February of 2015 as a second semester Freshman. My first event was at a date party, where I met my first set of friends, who I still cling to to this day. As baseball season rolled around, I was able to share my favorite sport with my favorite girls, meet my Big and take on parts of my life I didn’t even know I had discovered. This year was the year I got my Big, Celine, who has made more of an impact on my life than she will ever imagine. Though she graduated the same semester I met her, we still talk weekly and she has taught me so much about myself and what to expect in the real world.

            As a sophomore, you think you have it made and you know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life (wrong). Sophomore year was when I began to make true friends, find future roommates and truly begin to enjoy college. My most memorable time that year was Friendsgiving with the #squad. These girls are my best friends, roommate and bridesmaids. I have never felt as much love as I do when I am laughing, crying and of course, eating, with these girls. Though all but one of the original squad have moved to nursing school in Round Rock, physical therapy grad school in Lubbock and graduated and moved on to the real world, these girls made Sophomore year the best and most memorable of them by far. We have too many memories to even recall, but every day, you knew you could count on them to pick you up.

            Junior year is when you start to realize, college will one day end, and it’s approaching quickly. During this year, I realized what an impact this organization had made on me in 3 years. Through the scorching hot football games, 20-degree baseball games, volunteer hours and endless meetings, I began to realize, I was experiencing “the last of the last” of many things. Junior year was the last year I would go to the Frio river, last baseball season, last basketball season and last round of banquets. As many girls who I had grown with over the years began to graduate and move away, I hoped they knew the impact they had had on myself and everyone around them.

            Senior year is when it all starts to come to a close. Friendsmas was my last event as a Diamond Sweetheart at Texas State. Even though I will still see a majority of these girls each day going to class, drinking at Chimy’s and sitting next to them in traffic, college won’t be the same without them. I dreaded the Christmas Party because I knew tears would flow as I have my last white elephant exchange, signed senior books and took my last round of photos. Diamond Sweethearts has transformed my life in ways I cannot put into words. I have friendships I didn’t know were possible to obtain, made memories I thought were only in movies and became a woman I never knew I could become.

            Thank you, girls, past and current, for a fabulous four years. Never change. 


Lauren House (member)

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