September: A 'Sweet' Recruitment

It is such an honor and a privilege to be a part of this special interest organization! Once a Sweetie, there are tons of avenues to pursue within our family. Family tailgates, intramurals, social events, Bible study, movie nights, and volunteer opportunities are but some of the many happenings within our group.  After going through the recruitment process, there is a world of opportunity at your fingertips.

Recruitment is a thorough and elaborate process, but to finally see that beautiful white diamond on your door is a memory that will never be forgotten out of one’s college career. Hundreds of girls attended interest meetings and interviews this semester alone and selected contenders made it on to Meet and Greet, with our final New Sweeties given the ticket the next day. In a perfect world, everyone would make the cut. For the sake of the Athletic department and sanity of our officers, the guidelines and cap placed on recruitment are intense.

Many girls would say that, though long, Recruitment was a good time. In the interview alone, numerous potential sweeties commented on how tight nit, yet inviting, the group is. There was a spirit of responsibility and friendliness in the air, which welcomed the new Sweeties in with gusto.

Nerves were high the moments leading up to Meet and Greet. From the current member side of things, the daunting task of relating well with so many new women was at hand. From the new member side of things, the goal was to put the best face forward and have intentional conversations with as many “Pink Hearts” (current members) as humanly possible. While it seemed foreboding at first, walls quickly fell down, and people everywhere succumbed to genuine conversations. With a ton of icebreakers, games, and fun or witty conversations, members and non-members enjoyed themselves.

The decisions have been made, there is an abundance of hope in the distance and the Diamond Sweetheart family has grown. Recruitment this year was successful and enjoyable over all. The rest of the semester is now open for the new Sweeties to hit the ground running along with the rest of the members. Time to have some more fun!


Love and Blessings,

Naomi Davis (member)

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