October: It's the LITTLE Things That Make Life BIG

Coming into a new organization of 100 plus members can be awkward and terrifying if you are not very outgoing. Making friends can be difficult but thankfully, as a Diamond Sweetheart, we are more than just an organization to find lifelong friends, we are a family! Of course, adjusting to a new school and the culture of an organization is always difficult but our veterans do an amazing job of including everyone in fun events that occur throughout the semester in our tiny Texas town of San Marcos! Diamond Sweethearts has given many members, including myself, a home away from home. These girls have proven to help support each other in tough times and we can truly trust and rely on one another. I know this because family is always there through the good and the bad.

One of the most exciting times to be a veteran in Diamond Sweethearts is when Big Little Reveal comes around. Knowing that we are all family makes our organization great, but having your own family makes it even better. It provides all of our Sweethearts an opportunity to bond with new and old members, which helps brings our organization even closer together. Taking a Little sister comes with a lot of responsibility though, you are the person that is to support and mentor your little through all the good and the bad. During the actual day of Big Little Reveal there is much excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness that goes around. Littles are constantly trying to solve the mystery of whom their Big is, and Bigs are trying to find new ways to keep their identity a mystery. However, the moment Bigs are reveled to their Littles is one of the most exciting and happiest moments for our girls! Candid pictures are taken left and right of everyone’s new family so the memories of reveal will live on forever!  

Personally, I am so excited to have taken two littles this year! These two girls are already so incredible and amazing in their own way that I have so much love for them. As a Big, I could go on and on bragging about them all day long (and lets be honest, every Big is probably bragging about how amazing their little is) but instead, I am just so thankful that Diamond Sweethearts has provided me with the opportunity to help mentor and support these girls throughout their time at Texas State University! After all, it truly is the LITTLE things that make life BIG!



Morgan Leigh Lebsack (Member)

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