Being a part of something special makes you special.
— Rachel Berry (Glee)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for membership?

Any undergrad student at Texas State University is qualified for membership.

How do I become a Diamond Sweetheart?

(THIS IS STANDARD FOR FALL RECRUITMENT.) To begin the application process, each applicant must attend one interest meeting held during the beginning of the semester of which they are applying. At the interest meeting, all applications must be filled out and turned into the Executive Officers along with the rest of the required materials. Within the following week, each candidate will be required to attend an interview with the Executive Officers.

What is an interest meeting?

Hosted by the Executive Officers, interest meetings are where prospective applicants have the opportunity to learn all about our organization and the application process. Toward the end of the meeting, each candidate for membership will have the opportunity to schedule an interview time with an Executive Officer. If you wish to be considered as an applicant, you must attend an interest meeting.

When are the Fall 2018 interest meetings?

There will be interest meetings held for September 5th at 1:00pm and September 6th at 11:00am and 4:00pm in LBJ 3-.14.1. In order to apply, you must sign up for an interview time (i.e. 6:30pm, 6:35pm, 6:40pm, etc.) either at our tent in the Quad on September 3rd-5th or with our President, Lindsey Bohanan, by emailing her at

When you arrive at your interview, you will turn in your application packet.

What do I wear to my interview?

Show up in business casual/cute attire ("Sunday's best") that you feel confident in!

What should be included in my application packet?

Each applicant must include their completed application, a head-shot-like photograph of themselves and a $20.00 application fee in their application packet.

What should one expect during the interview?

Each interview held will be led by all Executive Officers. For around five minutes, the applicant will be asked various questions that are designed for the girls to get to know the applicant a little better.

Is there a minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement?

Yes. Each applicant must have and maintain a Texas State University GPA of at least 2.25.

Why choose Diamond Sweethearts?

Since our founding in 2001, Diamond Sweethearts has found its purpose and passion to be nestled within Texas State University's Athletic Department. As a member, you will not only have the opportunity to appropriately represent our university at football, basketball and baseball events, but you will also be able to become part of a family that prides itself on fostering the high ideals of friendship, encouraging the development of the best qualities of character and giving back to a university and community that will continue to construct us into the individuals that were are destined to be. While each and every member is special and distant in their own way, we all congregate to form one bond of companionship through Diamond Sweethearts.